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Aero Centro Aeronaves, represents a group of companies that operate extensively in General Aviation.

Headquartered in Barreiras in an area of ​​9,000sq.ft, Aero Centro branched into aviation in several sectors, including: manufacture of experimental aircraft with a high standard of quality, maintenance of experimental and certified aircraft of business class, aircraft commercialization, import and distribution of aeronautical parts and supply of fuel and lubricating oil for aviation.

Geographically centralized in Brazil, the company meets the needs of regional aviation with a differentiated quality standard.

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Interior RV-10 2017/18
RV-10 AC 2017
RV-10 AC
RV-10 AC Turbo
RV-10AC I.F.R.
RV-10 AC I.F.R.
RV-10 AC I.F.R.

Our quality.

A Aero Centro offers a line of services and products such as painting, interior upgrades, avionics upgrades with a high level of quality and an affordable price.

Anywhere in the world, you can have our products for Van's Aircraft series.

"Quality means doing right, even when no one is looking ."

Henry Ford


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Phone: +55 77 99850-1777

e-mail: kaio@aerocentro.com.br

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RV-10 AC 2017